Forefathers of America sat in Sack Backs in Independence Hall with sack back Windsor chairs
Photo by: Herb Lapp

Williams' House of Windsor
Chairs: View the beautiful handiwork of Larry Williams' Windsor

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Welcome to my House of Windsor. Here you'll find a variety of authentically-made Windsor chairs. Every chair is made by hand, remaining true to a craft that began over two centuries ago. Thus, one could say, "We make antiques daily."

I am dedicated to the very same process - right down to the same tools used - that has made Windsor chairs legendary. Because such amazing engineering went into the original design, Windsor chairs only get stronger with use. Indeed, there are 200-year-old Windsor chairs out there that can hold a hefty man just as well today as it did the day it was made -and with more comfort.

I hope you enjoy touring my website and look forward to the opportunity to add a bit of history to your house.


Williams' House of Windsor
7309 Clybourn Avenue #4, Sun Valley CA 91352